What are the hockey stick mounts made out of? 

All Hockey Stick Wall Mount Brackets are made out of aluminum. 

What is the width of the bracket?

The mounts are around 30.1MM wide with the soft lining. A professional ice hockey stick (CCM Ribcor Reckoner) measures in at around 29.8MM. These mounts ensure a snug fit but not too tight where you can’t remove the mounts easily without damaging your prized stick. If the ice hockey stick is smaller or it is not a snug fit after purchasing the mounts feel free to reach out to me directly at filip@sinbinshop.com and I would be more than happy to send you additional lining free of charge.

Is it easy to remove the hockey stick from the holder? 

Yes! The stick will be able to slide right out if you decide to remove it.

How may holders come in one order? 

One order comes with 2 holders. This can hang up 1 stick horizontally or 2 sticks vertically.

Do these have to be mounted into studs/wood or can they hold securely in drywall only with supplied hardware?

You should be able to mount the stick directly into the drywall without having to locate studs/wood. If the stick is heavier we do recommend mounting the brackets into a stud/wood for added security.

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